She's collaborated with everyone from Weezer to Death Cab, and now she's stepping out on her own, combining a love of pop and classical.

The images flicker, the strings swell and swirl, and the vocals of Magik*Magik (a.k.a. Minna Choi) act as a dreamy counterpoint to the Postal Service-esque beat and glitch. (Interestingly her self-titled, Nathan Johnson-produced LP will be released on Chris Walla’s label Trans- on October 14th.) 
A few weeks back Choi teased fans with "Laugh a Lot"—her duet with How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell—and below is the premiere of her video for "Circuitry," a mix of animations and projections. It's the soundtrack to some epic rom-com you kinda wish you were the star of.

"When I wrote 'Circuitry I was trying to challenge myself go write a sad song but force it to live in a joyful environment," explains Choi. "It's ultimately a song about forgiveness and how difficult that can be."